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SAEF TECH has worked continuously to develop new products to enhance our competitiveness and raise product value.
We know that different customers have different requirements in terms of product sophistication, size, developing
lead-time etc. In order to satisfy customer's requirement, R&D at SAEF TECH stand by their offers to manufacture
to match your specifications. With outstanding R&D technology and experienced staff, we can provide a wide range
of LCD solution to your special applications.
In the future, SAEF TECH will strive to develop increasingly lighter and more compact products with improved functions and color capability that the market demands.

E-IPS Technology
Currently, the TN panels LCD screen occoupies the vast majority of the market shares, while even thought the wide viewing angle VA,IPS panels are very popular ,regret that manufacturers didn’t promote them in the display industry for the cost and any other factors,which lead the wide-angle panel display stay towards a higher-end ultimately .      
As the requirements of individual users for the video and games get higher and higher,the wide angel LCD panels also have been welcomed by more and more users.Comparing with IN panels,there are some abvious advantages for the  wide-angel panels ,such as the wider viewing , the brighter color and so on..But the high price is also prohibite many customers. Recently,KTC launched a new “E-IPS Technology”LCD display.


E-IPS Technology
What’s E-IPS Technology?Belows description is the KTC official explanation :
E-IPS Technology display is based on the technical characteristics of the new IPS LCD panel,with the features that 178°wide viewing angle,bright color and images without smearing . E-IPS panels take the cost-optimized structure panels,which have the same brightness with TN and 72%color gamut.The most notable feature for E-IPS is that it’s two is on the same plane,which different from the ordinary liquid crystal panels in the upper and lower electrodes arranged on both sides to be a three-dimensional model.Therefore,no matter what states the liquid crystal molecules of E-IPS panels are always parallel to the screen,so that the opening rate decreased ,reducing the light transmission rate ,increasing it’s viewing angle greatly ,and the whole point getting to  178°,which ensure the clear screen ,brilliant colors and delicate flicker-free and stable quality to avoid or reduce the eyes and physical and mental fatigue caused by using computers.Then customers can enjoy the fun with wide viewing immersively which brings by E-IPS Technology

                   The advantage is abvious for the wide-angel panels

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